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WOW! Day one of the leadership Conference was literally...life-changing. As we worshiped the King of kings and Lord of lords, His presence was so real in the midst of us, I could literally feel every yoke being broken and every garment of shame being destroyed. Then when Papa said that he danced his way out of affliction many years ago and that was his night of breakthrough, I just knew that the Lord was doing something new; not only in my life but in the lives of all who were present. I want to thank God for Papa's life who is continuously models obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit. And thank you Lord for your presence in the service yesterday. You are an amazing Savior! Precious London

Wow! Yesterday's leadership conference was nothing short of incredible. There truly is nothing like the presence of God. His presence was there mightily and the Holy Ghost did wonders. Thank you Father for what you did, and thank you Papa for coming, you are a anointed. I can't wait for day two, and also I now know that communion is also a means of worship. So many ways to says thank you Father for Jesus! Ebun David

Praise God!! The first day of the Leadership Conference was amazing! You could feel the presence of God. From prayer to the communion God was moving. As we were praising and dancing in His presence He was ministering to each and every single person. The atmosphere was so filled with the Holy Ghost, it was amazing. Thank you Papa and Mama for being a vessel of the Holy Spirit, God is using you in a mighty mighty way. Thank You Lord! Aileen Galve

Thank God for day 2 of the leadership conference. The presence of the Lord was mighty again. And I thank God for he is restoring the heart of worship in our midst. The ministration of the December Worship team was anointed and I thank God for using us to glorify his name. I was so blessed by the teaching, the Lord was showing me the qualities of a good leader in Gods house. Its so much more than what i thought being a leader was, its a calling, its an assignment and with the calling is given the grace to fulfill your responsibilities. He was showing me even as you lead, you are serving, not a commander in chief but serving people, loving people, caring for them. Being interested in their growth, in their lives. You are not a leader because you can instruct and command people but you are a leader because you were chosen to help alongside the ministry. To help fulfill the word God has given to your pastors. Thank you Papa for this teaching, the Lord used you to answer some questions I had and I thank God for your lives and this ministry. I can't wait to see what God is going to do through you in this land. Amen Angel david

I have been so blessed by the Leadership Conference so far. The first night, I just enjoyed the Holy Ghost, I was enjoying His presence. The anointing was there and He was just ministering to me. I left so light after the service, it was wonderful. Day 2 of the conference was amazing in its own way. The teaching that was delivered was powerful. It was a huge blessing in my life. I was super blessed by the part Papa shared about the woman. I know the Holy Ghost dropped that in there for me. Eerything was just unique. Every year its an excellent conference. He was touching on various things, that all ministered and made an impact. I thank God so much for His servants He's using to deliver His word. It was very eye opening to me and gave me a lot more understanding. I am honored to learn Leadership under you Papa. I see big testimonies coming from this conference. Amanda Foster

Praise God the second day of the leadership conference was a tremendous blessing. What really stood out to me was that with every calling to leadership there are people connected to that call. You must be able to love them and the land you are called too. Also not to treat the calling lightly because of those connected to you. Whether you like it or not there are people attached to your destiny and you cannot afford to waste it on vanity. Thank you Papa and Mama you are such a blessing. Your love and support means so much to me David Foster

thank God that He has favoured me by handpicking me to be one of the first fruits in this ministry. The Leadership Conference 2013 has brought us back to the law of love. Loving Him and loving people. Thank U papa and mama for the time u spend on ppl. Ur efforts and investments in the kingdom will Never be forgotten Azhia Julien

Yesterday at the womans forum my heart was fully restored at the altar, many other areas are going to be restored. This came instantly as I stood and recieved the annointing soaking into my spirit. As soon as I left I felt so strong!! I went through my day and started thinking about those who hurt me but glory to God there was no hurt, no anger, no bitterness towards the them ! My heart was healed! Many blessings have come from yesterdays forum thank you Jesus! Sashanna

I thank God so much for the Restoring the Total Woman Forum. I was so blessed. It was a great way to start the new year. The Holy Spirit was ministering through out, every part of the service was anointed. You could see the love of God ministering to His people, the skit was amazing, the presentation was so insightful and anointed and Mama ministration was awesome. I can see more glory and anointing on her last night. I am always amazed at her passion and care for woman, God really did send her to be Mama to all those that will come to hear. She imparts her life, and what she has incubated in her spirit to us. It was a forum that blessed me tremendously and one I know I will always remember. I thank God He connected me to this ministry. God bless you Amanda Foster

WOW! The womens forum was amazing "Restoring the Total Women". Every women there was extremely blessed and they were all touched in a very special way. God is so amazing, He really does care for women. The women that came out said they are waiting for part 2 (lol). God's presence was uniquely different at this womens forum and you could just see that the women were ready to receive. I really loved the drama skit/ musical/ dance,the visual of the heart, and when Mama was ministering about the restored women; it was amazing. God really opened my eyes to see some areas as a woman where I need to be restored during the service and I believe that I really recieved my restoration in those areas. God has really placed so many gifts, skills and talents in women and im so thankful for Christ cause when He restores your heart back to Him He makes it a point to reveal the diamond in you. Thank you Mama you have truly been an inspiration to the women in CHOGI. Leshar Shaw

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ. Eph 1:3 I want to thank God for the amazing work He is doing through Mama and the Womens Forum. Restoring the Total Women.. WOW!!! Gods love equates to restoration. We are made perfect in His love. The instant you open your heart up to the Lord is the very instant your restoration begins. WOW!! All He requires from us is our heart. I realized tonight that many of us women come to Christ searching to be made whole but through experiences in life many of us don't even know how to let Him do His amazing work on us. We come with the hope of restoration but with every wrong belief paralizing our hearts with doubt. Many of us so wounded we don't even know what it means to recieve love. But thank God because He is Father of love, patience, mercy, faithfulness, compassion and the list goes on and through accepting His beloved son we are adopted into all of it (Eph. 1:5) Tonight God put His hand upon my head and removed fear from my heart. Fear of hurt, fear of sorrow, fear of rejection, fear of disappointing.... and replaced it with love with His love. Because "there is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear."(1 John 4:18) And Gods love is perfect. I also need to thank God for Papa and the Breakthrough Clinic, where through study and meditation on Gods word my eyes are being opened and my heart was prepared to recieve all God had in store for me. Thank you God for Papa and Mamas life, continue to bless them. I love you both. Crystal MacClean I would first like to thank God for all that He has done for me in the year 2012. As I reflect back I can say with confidence that I have grown in many areas. The end of the year conference was amazing and the many prophecies that were given from the altar I am holding fast to and have already seen three come to pass. Secondly, I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to mama and papa for their faithfulness to Jesus first and their committment to their flock. We are truly blessed that God has loved us that much that He has released the both of you to come to Canada to share the good news and impart to us the wisdom and strength that is needed to see the vision of winning 10 million souls for the Kingdom. Lastly, to have a Prophet in our midst who is leading and guiding us into our destiny is a gift from God that needs to be honored and celebrated. The fast that was called from the heavens to purge and fast for 7 days for a new heart was yet another show of the great love from the Father. The plans that He has for us this year and years to come will require the clean purified heart. On Saturday night at the Spirit Breakthrough Clinic I can honestly say that I experienced a shift in my spirit that words cannot describe, this continued on throughout the entire night and I had an amazing time watching the scriptures unravel and the understanding of why we need a new heart and the responsibility of guarding and keeping it is crucial for us to enjoy the blessings of our Father. I can boldly say that I have received my new heart and is in full operation. This ministry is filled with the spirit of the Living God and is the answer that many are waiting for. In this new year saints we must be mindful to be runners of this vision and be operating in the love of Christ. Laure Willis

I would like to praise God for the SBC conference. It was simply amazing. The presence of God was extremely extremely powerful. God definitely showed up. It was amazing to see the Holy Spirit move through out the people and minister powerfully. I thank God that I received my breakthrough.God broke through for me in areas that previously I have struggled for years in. No.more! He has broken through for me and I am never ever going back. Hallelujah! I also want to thank God for pastor olu. Wow! The anointing emulating from him was powerful. The Lord used Him in a mighty way and I thank God for his life. Thank you Lord that you indeed rule in the affairs of men and you are the divine orchestrator. Thank you Father for your love in orchestrating this conference for your people. I am very grateful and thankful. I love you Lord. Thank you rhomi ministries. I am eagerly anticipating and looking forward to spec Ajax. Praise God forever more..... Tremaine Nembhard

Sir, I am so grateful to God for knowing you. It's a big blessing to me, I am so grateful. I visited this site and it was awesome, so much to read and study, I am so blessed. I spent almost all the midnite eating rich words from your site. Infact sir, it's awesome, I bless the Lord. Please sir, allow me use some of your notes to encourage some of my friends out there, I was blessed, I also need them to be blessed too. Once again, I value this relationship, and I am forever grateful to God and you sir, God has given you to me, I need a man like you sir to learn from you and also as a father. The messages I read make new meaning to me and the fire of prayer fell on me. I have bein lifted, no matter they say, no association leaves a man the same, I have so much to learn from you sir, thanks for adding me as a friend on FB, I am favoured sir knowing you. Thanks for everything, God bless you. Greetings to your family...... Femi Olumekun

The presence of God was so strong in the service today and I want to give thanks to the Lord for scattering the voice of the enemy. I received a Word from the Lord two weeks ago and demonic birds have been trying to steal it. I was doing my best to hold on to it by praying, speaking and confessing. By the end of the second week I was feeling weary and it seemed like my mind was under attack. This morning Pastor Vicki was calling for anyone who needed healing and then she called for anyone under satanic attack in the mind and I knew the Lord was speaking to me. I went out to receive and I sure did. Pastor Vicki laid hands on my head and I immediately felt the anointing fill my entire mind it was like an inflow of peace it was amazing. Then I felt God's love cover me like a blanket and I only wanted to worship Him. The Lord is so amazing, His mercy and love endures forever. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, BUT the Lord delivers us from them ALL!...... Laure Willis

I want to thank God for the word over your body video. Prior to this ministry I never really spoke over it, but through practical teaching from RHOMI ministries I learnt how to. I recently saw something like a wart starting to grow on my finger. Automatically I began to speak over it and command it to leave. Glory to God the next day, the bump was gone!!! Amanda Foster

A week ago, I went out for prayer because I was experiencing some numbness on my left hand and leg and I asked Pastor Vicki to pray for me because I was taking this as a sign of old age which made her smile . I did not tell her about the previous pain I was having in the same feet that I was already declaring over , so she prayed over me and I fell under the anointing. Immediately after falling all the pain and all the discomfort in my hand, leg and feet left me. PRAISE THE LORD!!!...... Shawnette James


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